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November plans

I intended to blog so much more in October but I got Covid and it was a ride, physically & emotionally but that blog will be out later this week! I thought I’d go through November and me as my first blog back! Firstly a blog...

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Jason manford

Rewind to Christmas 2021 Adam was given Christmas gift of tickets to Jason manford at the AO in Manchester. Finally October 22 the night came Adam was super excited and I was really nervous! The reason being going into a full...

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One of the busiest months since the world started getting back to its self. We have many football games im pretty sure I’ll meet myself coming back from old Trafford! Adam has uni tutorials as he’s in his second year. I’ve got a...

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Around up of next week

Hey guys, I know I’m late I’ve had a day of tiredness I’ve feel asleep a bit today! I am looking forward to going to Old Trafford this weekend for our game against arsenal. Olive won’t be attending as I think it’ll be too busy...

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A catch up

I know it’s been a while and I’ll be honest I didn’t think I’d be blogging on here again because I’m having a redesign for my blog but as it’s being coded to my exact design & colours it’s taking a little longer than...

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