Hey guys!

Sunday has rolled around again and it’s been none stop on the football stage. Although sadly I wasn’t able to attend one home game due to my bad ears. I’m really struggling to heal from this ear infection.

Olive is looking forward to her down time from being a support dog while me & Adam are at Wembley. We were already heading to London that weekend as we are off to the theatre thankfully I foreseen the potential of a final or we’d have been at the theatre instead!

I had a chest X-ray this week from when I had a chest infection. I’m getting the results in about a week.

Ive got a lot on my mind at the moment. Can you believe I turn 38 in 9 days so I’ll do a couple of birthday blogs too. I started this blog when I was in my 20s and I’m heading quickly to my 40th!

We booked a summer holiday for next week so that’s super exciting! We have a summer road trip in the world I’m excited to tell you more!

Vicky xx