Hey guys,

It’s been such a while since I did a proper update. The truth is I’ve not been right since having Covid in October / November. Physically & mentally I’ve been exhausted.

I’ve recently had sinusitis and possible bacterial phenomena which has been tough to shift. I was really worried about my eyes as they were blurry when i focused.

I popped the opticians and found out I need glasses and prescription sunglasses I’ve ordered them they’ll be here in a few weeks.

I found out today my hip is warm out literally. Originally they wanted todo a steroid injection but there’s no gap in the bone so can’t be done! The surgeon said I need a new hip but doesn’t want todo it as there’s not much gain and far too many risks although secretly pleased at him saying I was too young! We will keep in touch though.

I then had my ent appointment and it was to assess me for a bone anchored hearing aid but the consultant didn’t seem optimistic it could happen I’ve got to see another specialist to access as they said I could only do general but they aren’t sure if I’m suitable.

It’s been such a rough winter I’m looking forward to some warmer days and adventures.

Vicky xx