Author: Vicky Besley

New diagnosis

Rewind a few years ago a junior rheumatologist said I think you have fibromyalgia, then it wasn’t mentioned again for years. In the last two weeks I got an official diagnoses of fibromyalgia and I’m told that explains my pain...

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Health update

Hey guys, It’s been such a while since I did a proper update. The truth is I’ve not been right since having Covid in October / November. Physically & mentally I’ve been exhausted. I’ve recently had sinusitis and possible...

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I turned 38

I actually turned 38 last month! It seems such a milestone I’m no longer closer to 20’s or even 30 I’m going to be 40 before I know it! It’s not been a great start to being 38 I’m on my second illness, can you believe it? It...

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