Hi everyone,

It’s been a really rough week with a poorly ears. I’ve somehow managed to burst my ear drums and it was very painful. I’m having an awful time with antibiotics the first one gave me terrible side effects and it made me really fed up.

I had to cancel the semi final I was so sad to miss it but i wasn’t in the right state to go!

We tried to go the match v palace as it was the nearest game to pay your respects to the busby babes who sadly died in the air disaster. However I spent the time almost crying with my head down ears covered with my scarf and hat! I couldn’t see a thing either as I had my face shield on which kept fogging up!

This week we have medical appointments and a home match v Leeds. We aren’t going the away match as I’m easing myself into matches again.

I’m hoping to get some other antibiotics and start feeling better in myself.

February is my birthday month. I am looking forward to spring!

See you next week

Vicky xx