Today (Friday) was the day i got my new toilet, i know what your thinking, dude why you writing about getting a new toilet .. trust me you want to read on .. its hilarious!

The day started really early like 7am i needed to get up, dressed, meds and toilet before 8am when the plumber would be arriving!

The plumber arrived and i realised he was from Manchester and decided i couldn’t ask city or united, what would i do if he said city? So i chatted to my brother about a city transfer no murmur from plumber, so i popped a random united vlog on from the game and he started talking about united, phew, he could stay! The lady at the office said to leave a morning free but he was finished in 2 hours, after a chat about Stockholm, old Trafford and the recent game id attended!

After he left peter and i decided to try it out ….

this toilet is for disabled people who find it hard to clean/dry and so has a built in water arm and dryer

so i transfer to the toilet with my brother now i don’t need the loo but practising. So i say to peter OK I’m ready …….. then he presses the button and the water shoots past my butt flying in the air, water is covering me, the floor the window sill and my brother is literally laughing so much he’s crying, he does it again and it goes right up my back, my top is soaked my hair is wet, then the dryer kicks in peter is still laughing and it starts burning my butt at this point w are both laughing!

i had to get a new top, dry my hair, don’t worry its clean water its a separate water supply and peter cleans up, still laughing!


Dad “I’m not using it its a toilet and shower machine”
Justine “it could only happen to you” .. very true
OT “made me chuckle!”

Vicky xx