It’s been so long since I blogged, I was going todo a season review upon my next blog but the season restarted, So I thought I’d just wait todo the review, I do need to look back though at my aims for 19/20 season did I complete them?

But here we are July 5th and the UK is reopening to a new normal, yet me & a few other million people are still shielding until July 31st and even then I’m not sure many of us will feel safe, many can’t wear masks due to breathing difficulties and such, how are we going to cope?

Watching people be reunited with family & friends has honestly made me tear up its wonderful seeing the happiness of the faces of friends & family who’ve not seen each other since March what a joyous moment. It’s bitter sweet though I’ve not seen my family for over 100 days now and I’m not sure when I will, some of me scared to because I won’t know if shielding will be recalled even the thought of seeing my family honestly makes me cry.

Although equally to see my lovely friends once again. Oh boy have I missed them, my wonderful football mates too. Who knows when I’ll see them again either, that first game back will be an emotional match not for any other reason than seeing your mates in stadium be it in Manchester or Birmingham or wherever it’ll be a great moment, a relief that the new normal is more normal.

I can’t wait to do normal things again & see my loved ones once more.

Until next time

Vicky xx