Hey guys,
I’m sorry I havnt blogged for a few days, I do have blogs written up but I have needed some time away from blogging as I’ve been feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed with life, it’s just so busy right now, plus I have had my bathroom turned into a wet room and I hate it! 
We are at the start of April which means many things, the end of the football season is approaching quickly  and it’s causing me such mixed emotions! I’ll tell you why, firstly one of best pals on the platform (well actually RR) and fellow domestic and European away buddy Andy M is not renewing and that makes my heart hurt, Andy has been my best pal for years and we have seen so many top memories together, we met at Aston Villa away many years ago, while in the home end! Andy is a proper united fan, from the moment I met him I could feel his passion the way he spoke about united! We enjoyed many a domestic away day since and of course we moved to European aways, the flooded disabled area in Brugge and the blue rain macs to the literal frozen times In Wolfsburg and him texting himself instead of me, we laugh now! What ever he decides and if pops down to united after this season I do hope we keep in touch and secretly I hope he changes his mind!
It’s also season ticket renewal time! I’m honestly In two minds I have my season ticket money stashed away in my savings account ready to use if I do wish, but I keep thinking it could be a fun holiday or a new handbag and purse, I’m letting my girlie side flow here! It’s also the time & energy it involves! A “home” game for me is easily a 7 hour day often longer! Which means I loose a day/ night / early hours of the next day and if I’m honest it’s taking its toll on me, when you think about it’s  a lot of miles I travel between August & May ! Saying all that after 18 years of traveling to & from Manchester every other weekend I’d miss the city, the people and the club, even though they drive me mad!
End of season also sparks my depression, I don’t tend to get winter depression as most do but I do get the summer equivalent of SAD! I know what your think eh, what?! Well you see I loose my structure out of football season but most of all I miss my mates, it might be seeing them or chatting on a match day but I miss them! You see most actually more like all my mates are at football so during off season I don’t see them and or talk to them as much, summer is a busy time for us football fans, we have to get all the stuff done we don’t in the on season!
Anyway I got way laid, I’m off to Barcelona via Ibiza in well 8 days, omg! I am super excited to see Barcelona from a tourist prospective ad its been on my list for a while, I’ll have to show you all my planning in the coming days, how exciting though that I get to visit Ibiza to! Then there’s a small matter of the quarter finals of the champions league and I can’t lie I’m excited to visit the Nou Camp! Although sad I won’t be with my fellow united fans, no repeat of Paris & sharing the moment with both my able bodied mates & disabled mates, sad that Andy won’t be going, I shall miss that guy! Sad I won’t be near Ben & Neil as well! Instead there will be 5 wheelchairs & 5 pa’s and that’s including me & Andy B we’ll have to bring the noise to the Barcelona end! I’m thankful I have a ticket though they were so much in demand! 
I haven’t even touched on my wheelchair breaking recently but don’t worry it’s all sorted! I’ve got new handles and new back wheels I’ll tell you those wheels were doing some strange things! I’m back on Tuesday to see them about my wheelchair seat it’s been causing a few issues, It never ends!
I’ve also started therapy! Now I don’t really want to go into it in full details yet but I’ve realised a lot about me and I’ve talked through a lot of things and realised how much has been bottled up. However what I will say is that it’s been really hard for me talking through things like grief, loss, friendships and a lot of other stuff! I really need to make some changes, but what I have been doing is reading more & doing some mindful breathing and focused stuff on things or people watching, loosing my self in the moment instead of letting my head go away with its self.
I’ve got 2 games next week, Barcelona at home and West Ham at home and on top of  that I’ve got medical appointment to fit in, plus seeing my cousin on Monday, a shopping day is never the same with my cousin, we loose trolleys & all sorts!
I’ve also got my weigh in this month after Barcelona away which I’m a bit apprehensive about as I’ve been struggling a bit with my rheumatoid playing up & mental health not being great i am sure it’ll get better in time.
Talking of after Barcelona away I’ve got another two home games the Manchester Derby & Chelsea both key games really for the top four!
Goodness I haven’t stopped talking! I know it’s a bit negative and stuff and might sound like I’m not enjoying football but that’s not true at all. Football is great, my friends are great, United are turbulent but love them! 
Anyway I’ll be posting later a blog about “the cost of football” so look out for that.
Much love

Vicky xx