Hi guys,
I guess this is a topic close to many a football fan wether it’s an able bodied fan or a disabled fan, the cost of football is something we all know about. Football was a game of the people it no longer is.
After all we first look at domestic aways we in the premiership are lucky as we have a cap of £30 which saves us away fans a lot over a full season! Although  the championship and below aren’t as lucky with no cap and clubs charging outrageous amounts, something I personally don’t agree with. 
Then you look at cup games and surprisingly there’s no cap on away games in domestic cup competitions thankfully most of the clubs are reasonable well if they are with ticket price they aren’t with allocations!
Then we turn to home games many a club have had there season ticket frozen which is fab however some clubs haven’t frozen one of ticket prices which is outrageous really why should someone who can’t afford the cost of a season ticket often £500 plus In the premier league be penalised for only being able to afford one match every now and again.
Then we move onto European aways which I know don’t affect all fans but still stay with me. You can between £50-£80 for 1 game of football I like others think it’s time to put a cap on European aways some teams are worse than others. It’s worrying when your plane ticket is cheaper than your match ticket don’t you think?
As I was saying the game imo has been lost in greed. How can we blood new fans the younger generation into football when costs are so high? Families are a rare because of the Cost being so high for the average working class family. That moment of taking your child or grandchild to see your mates & team play could be lost unless we as football fans stand up for the price of football.
Of course this is a matter of opinion but i think all of us football fans should give it a thought.

Vicky xx