Let me take you back to Wednesday, it seems so long a go, but I’ve had a busy few days so this is the first time I’ve had to sit and write with a clear head!
So Wednesday I was up early and out the house! You see I had things I had to do before leaving for Manchester, Although this meant having my medication early due to tight times and let me tell you that didn’t help me out!
After everything was done it was off home via the petrol station and leaving me 50 mins! Which meant no top up meds although I did manage to grab a sleep well a more get off my wheelchair for 15 mins which is good for me in truth.
Then it was time for me to get up & ready for my journey to Manchester, I was feeling nervous and it’s been a while since I felt that nervous going into a game!
I met up with Jamie, shay & Jamie’s mate Adam! Before I knew it we was on our way to Manchester I was hoping for a clear run, it wasn’t to be!
Now here we go with predictions! Neil & I both agreed on a 2-1 and Adam went for a crazy 4-0 united, he is ever the optimist saying that I think me & Neil were to!
I spoke to Ben on the way up, he wasn’t at the match but it’s always good to chat to him and look forward to catching up with him maybe in Barcelona! 
During the journey I was talking to Adam to and he kindly sent me a video of the singing in the pub really got me in the mood thanks Adam much appreciated!
Sadly we ended up coming off the motorway and going through the Manchester, let me tell you it was the leafy districts and some pretty cute houses! It was a bit of a throwback as I ended up going via Stretford which I don’t tend todo now!
As we went down to old Trafford you could feel a real buzz about! A kind Barcelona fan gave shay his chips! His mate tried to give me his I refused though!
One of the disability team took us through AE2 instead of AE1 so that was cool! Better than sitting in the cold outside the stadium, we was all meant to go in via AE1 as we do on European nights!
The match it’s self was lacklust I could hear the united fans so that was nice and hear the Barcelona fans although they were the quietest of the European fans at old Trafford but also the best behaved & most polite!
Anyway the game ended 1-0 with an own goal from Luke Shaw!
Bar the game it was nice to catch up with people before the match including Dan & Omar and Andy!
At half time I caught up with Helen & Ann Marie and even remembered Helen’s birthday gift! I was pretty chuffed! We ended up chatting to our DLO to about the upcoming trip to Barcelona & the new areas of the stand.
We was all chatting on the platform which was nice as we’ve sat next to each other for years now! It was a nice atmosphere! 
On the way out we were handed a Barcelona scarf, how lovely of them! 
At the end of the match it was time to head home! I was chatting to Ben & Adam on the way home which was nice!
I didn’t get home til just gone 1am and didn’t get to sleep til gone 2am it was a tough trip, end of season is fast approaching and my body is ready for the break.
Vicky xx