Firstly I’m sorry there wasn’t a blog last week, I’ve not got off to a great start have i!

I wanted to give you a quick update on my reading goal! Unbelievable I’m on my 3rd book this year already!

Now the year hasn’t got off to a good start first of all Adam got the flu & was really unwell.

Then I got the worse chest infection I’ve had in a very long time. I was so poorly I actually saw a dr face to face! My dr wasn’t sure if it was just a chest infection or a bit of pleurisy as well. I basically couldn’t breath with our feeling like I was being stabbed on my side, I also couldn’t do deep breaths! I’ve never felt so poorly.

I still have a cough & I’m having to go for a chest x-ray in the next week or so to make sure I haven’t broke a rib with my weaker bones!

Adam seems to have another cold so I’m really hoping I don’t catch another bug!

I am hoping to be back at old Trafford on Wednesday as I’ve not been since the derby!

See you soon

Vicky xx