Hi everyone!

Sorry the blog is a day late I was so busy yesterday! Sadly Adam has cone down with flu and was really poorly do had to ring out of hours which was really quick, I was surprised! Adam is now on antibiotics & Tamiflu so hopefully he’ll feel better soon!

I want to take you back to Saturday!  We woke up late and so had to quickly have my medication and fly out the door! We made it to Old Trafford at 12.33 and in my seat by 12.40!


The match was fun! I felt every emotion! Adam got some energy and was jumping up arms in the air as the goals went in. The sound in the stretford end was like something I’ve not heard for a while! Fans were bouncing the players too! Let’s not mention the controversy of Bruno’s goal!

Beating city was a pleasure it was something the club, players & fans needed it certainly lifted everyone including the roof!

Let’s hope we carry on for palace on Wednesday.

I’ll leave it here tonight but I’ll be back soon with a general football blog

Vicky xx