Hey guys!
Well firstly I’m so sorry I’m only doing match day blogs right now August was some what all over the place with lots of memories being made with Adam but I will update you on this soon, maybe next week! 
I also have a lot going on at home right now, again I’ll update you next week! Some exciting things are going on here! But I also need todo a special blog about friendship you know I love a good friend blog!
Anyway let’s get on to  match day 8 which was a new experience for me a womems game and an away game at that at the Eihad stadium, the first ever Manchester derby in the women’s game!
The day started with a call to Andy to get his ETA as we was heading to Manchester together!
We parked at city and then walked round to stadium and I even brought a program which is a first! I thought it was a good idea to get one as it’s a historic game.
We then walk we’ll roll over to the velodrome! Where I met a group of fans who follow the women’s team for for the time and got a song sheet!
The view it’s self wasn’t a bad one! 
The general game was alright, first half much better than the second. 
The game was one with a superb city goal in fairness! 
Next stop Old Trafford!
Vicky xx