I can’t believe we are in 2023 already! I hope all readers had a lovely Christmas & new year!

I’ve taken over a week todo this post as I wanted to really think about things.

Personal goals this year is my first area.

To rebuild my confidence. It took a real knock during Covid lockdowns.

Explore Manchester. As I moved up then Covid happened I didn’t get to really explore & meet new people.

Try and read 12 books this year! I’ve got 11 Togo!

Travel more I hope my health is stable enough to explore more of the world with Adam!

Visit Cornwall! It’s the only county I’ve never visited in the UK!

Go to the theatre more! I really enjoy the theatre so it’s something is really like to enjoy

Joint goals

We both want to travel more. Adam will knock off Spain next month!

Move we really want/ need to move but finding the right place is hard!

To build our business – web designs & web management

Blog goals

I want to post more consistently. At least one per week on a Sunday.

Grow my readers. I lost a lot during Covid as football stopped and I’ve not posted about football really.

Have 1 blog football related

Finish my new site (it’s being coded for me by Adam)

My final goal is to arrange an epic holiday for my 40th in two years time! More on this soon!

That’s my goals for 2023

Vicky x