My goals for 2018,
At the start of every year I sit down and look at what I’d like to achieve in 2018. It doesn’t matter to me if I achieve them or not I just like to have some guide on what I’d like Todo this coming year, I say it doesn’t matter to me because at the age of 32 and with failing health nothing ever seems to go to plan but I’ll give it my best shot.
  1. Read more
  2. Travel more to new places
  3. Go back to studying
  4. Try new foods
  5. Get to 6 stone and maintain 
  6. Keep in touch with friends
  7. Blog more
  8. Embrace technology to help my independence 
  9. Try to save! (I’m really bad at this)
  10. Focus on me & my passions 
As you can see there not huge things but hopefully achievable things on this list. I’ll have to tell you more about my passions in life some are long term and others are new since becoming disabled.

Vicky xx