I’m turning 33 in five days … how did that happen!!
What a year it’s been! 
One of my favourite things in my 32nd year was finally going to Wimbledon which has been on my bucket list for years and I had such an amazing time, it was so hot, I was basking in sun and applying sun cream … yeah I got burnt, you gotta laugh! It was great spending time with my Aunty Pol. I have to honest Wimbledon gets a massive 10/10 from me for access to your just so included! I also enjoyed the small courts as well we got so close to the players, I could touch them! 
Of course we can not forget my wicket adventure to Stockholm in a day, crazy baby! What an adventure seeing a European final in Sweden a country I’d never visited before!! I’ve got to be honest there seating instructions wasn’t great! Having a coach guy telling us about his accidents and then Ajax fans trying to storm our coach wasn’t my favourite! Although having no disabled toilets open on our return to Manchester is still laughed about! Great memories were made!
My trip to Brussels won’t be forgotten in hurray by anyone including my doctor after having a minor crash on an escalator and my knee swelling up! Getting lost in Brussels at night was also a laugh but the cobbles were not! Going on Eurostar was an absolute hoot with Andy getting 2 meals as i wasn’t eating you gotta laugh! I did like the pic with mr smurf though!
 I enjoyed a day trip at the beach with my brother too which was funny as the dog was adamant he was coming too! Seeing places I hadn’t seen for a while that reminded me of mum was great but I was gutted I couldn’t go up the fort .. 100 steps wasn’t happening!
Just after my birthday we went to London to see the EFL cup! It was a great day and we saw us lift the cup which was special to see!
Of course in my 32rd year I became a season ticket holder which has been fantastic and having Jamie has made going to old Trafford much easier and it’s been fantastic! 
In October I went to the annual dinner which was great spending time with friend meeting Ryan Giggs and overall having just an enjoyable evening.
I’ve had some great times in my 32nd year and I’ve enjoyed spending time with family & friends both in life & online and it’s been great!

I wonder what my 33rd year will bring! 

Vicky xx