I hate talking about pain but for the 2 weeks I’ve had the worse flare up I’ve had in my knee, the past week have been particularly bad, my life has been nothing as I literally crnt do much but sit with my knee at a comfortable height. 
The pain has brought me to tears, it’s prevented me from sleeping it was that bad I couldn’t even put my shoe on due to the pain of pushing the shoe on, Ive never felt anything quite like it, it’s like my leg is retracting and spasming, I’ve cried, I’ve screamed I’ve shouted. 
I’ve had my gel on so much my knees turned green! I’ve taken the max painkillers I can take. I’ve snook into the toilet at old Trafford for my gel to get me through 90 mins of football. I’ve winced going over a pot hole and screamed hitting a supposed flat kerb I tell you it wasn’t flat. I’ve slept in my wheelchair ive cried my self to sleep.
I’m really hoping things get better because I’ve never felt this bad for this long .. I’m use to the daily pain 24/7 but this, this pain is on another level.
They say it’s just arthritis this is not just arthritis

Vicky xx