Afternoon all,
So we’ve had the health update but now it’s a special blog post that I’m doing incredibly early as I want everyone to read it before the beers / wine starts flowing it’s a huge shoutout to my incredible second family, my friends at football.
I’m not going to lie this past 2018 has been tough on me physically and mentally following the boys it’s been an emotional rollercoaster both on & off the field and trust me when I say I’ve cried more tears In 2018 over football than was necessary.
Firstly this year saw me reconnect with Birmingham city and seeing old friends and meeting the amazing people behind accessiblues you guys do a fantastic job for disabled blues fans and I’m so proud to know you & know that disabled people at blues are looked after by you guys. Going back to blues was an emotional day in August and I’ll tell you what I never thought it would happen, thank you thank you for being so welcoming and reminding me what a football family was, it might of been a long time but I won’t leave it so long next time, grandad would be proud of blues!
Now let’s turn to Manchester United. The team that has really had me on a big old rollercoaster. I’ll let you into a secret, this year 2018 there have been times a lot of times that I nearly said no more, threw the towel in. The long trips were physically demanding, the mental anxiety & anguish were exhausting. I won’t go fully into the issues but a bully has a lot to answer for.
But REDS far and wide, born and bred Mancs & people with Manchester in my heart rallied around me, they showed me what the red family is, they turned my frown upside down, wiped my tears away, hugged me when I’m not a hugger! Made me laugh .. how much did you pay for that pizza Neil! They aided me at matches, we laughed about soakings from French toilets, christelle, we have travelled thousands of miles and even got in some sightseeing! Not that that but social media & phone support to, you guys are all bloody amazingly, so give your self a good pat on the back, a smile and a drink of your choice!
Where to start lol!
I’ve got to start with Chas and Shirley thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything from my tearful emails & calls and your support you guys are special people, never forget how special and appreciated you are by disabled united fans.
To my girl gang (HAHA) Ann Marie, Helen, Sophie, Morag. Goodness you girls are the best friends I could ask for at football & home, I’ve never had proper girl friends before but I’m so privileged and happy I have you guys in my life, you make me absolute cry with laughter my face hurts! But your there when things are tough to give me a hug and there to say get in that ability suit and warm up! You even eat my cakes, which I know you’ve enjoyed this year! You’ve made me absolute howl to Well Helen with her near death experience with a poncho and her stories of the coach! More recently your near miss with Fred the red on the ramp .. I shall forever giggle when I see Fred! Sophie has amazing skills helping me get ready in 7 minutes for the dinner, girl you got talent! Ann Marie for always being there with wise words & care when not many others knew what was going on, I wouldn’t have got this far without you. When we got the boys to run a head to keep the hotel bar open after the dinner, we was having our drinks ha! Thank you girls from this Worcestershire girl thank you for your friendship and love, let’s never loose each other.
Goodness I need wipe my eyes! 
Now we go on to the lads …. goodness!
Firstly a shoutout to the lads on the monkey bus and the UWS podcast without knowing many of you at the start of 2018 I was listening and even when I felt utter shit and sat crying about everything you lads made me laugh with your away adventures on the bus! So thank you!
I’m going to start with Jamie because simply my football journey wouldn’t be possible without you. We’ve had a great time talked loads and laughed, you’re become a friend and one who’ve we’ve made many memories and finally you’ve seen united win away! Thank you for giving me real talk, and a reality grounding when it was needed because of my anxiety, thank you for being there when I’ve been in tears and helping me avoid you know who! Thank you for being you and even unknowingly helping with my fear of lateness & traffic! An away day adventure (aka off the motorway ) wouldn’t be the same without you, particular high was Brighton one track road!
It’s been such a pleasure & privilege the later of this year to share united with shay too, in the short space of time he’s been going matches I’ve seen such a difference already, he’s also made me chuckle many times!
Now on to Andy, I tell you all he has not had it easy! He’s been there for me from the start of all this but now this year, although we havnt gone to as many domestic games together he’s still there in text & calls and often meets up pre match. This season we’ve had many European trips from Geneva & Bern to Turin & Milan and finally Valencia. Thank you for always been there and for the several kicks up the ass. Literally I couldn’t do European adventures without you I am so thankful for you giving me the opportunity to see the boys abroad, your an amazing person who I’m glad to call my friend.
Now now I havnt stopped yet! There’s some special people online who have helped me this year without knowing it, although one does after an emotional text last night so here we go …
Gary T .. thank you for your friendship and listening to my worries & concerns as well as general football chat and your support with bully it means more then you will ever know and of course your care of me arriving home safely and route advice. Top guy thank you
Ben B .. thank you for your positivity and your instas you’re made me laugh, your kindness when I’ve felt down and you support with you know what! Thank you for making me smile at times when I didn’t think I would smile that day!
Neil M .. well well Neil already knows my thanks but I’m going to tell you guys too. I met Neil on twitter our worlds collided! I promised him a beer when we caught up at a Euro after he’d listened to my story and we’d had a few laughs! He also tweeted my blog about how football helps with my depression! Neil soon found out about bully and well my ongoing issues with being a fan! He’s laughed at my emails I’m sure! We later swapped numbers and text pre and post match and that text helps me focus on wether he’ll reply (if he doesn’t I’m convinced we’ll loose!) and not on the bully and that alone has made me not cry going to matches for a while he’s also made me howl with his expensive eating in Valencia. I honestly was ready to give up on united but Neil has really turned this around for. 2019 we are definitely going to have a drink, thank you from the bottom of my heart you’ve really turned my match day mentality around without even realising it.
Finally to everyone else I’ve met this year though football THANK YOU your all amazing and kept me smiling when things were utter shit. 
Without these special people I’d have given up on football and so thank you for saving this Worcestershire lass for not giving up .. love you guys & girls
Vicky xx