Afternoon all,
Third blog of the day, a relatively short one!
Firstly a thanks to my family, for always believing in me and for supporting me. For helping me and we’ll just being a great family!
To my friends far and wide my goodness you’ve helped me so much, you’ve given me love, support & time something I’m forever great full for.
Big shout out to my main man across the pond! Lee you have shown incredible friendship and support this year and kept me going through some very tough times, I can confined in you when I feel I can’t anyone else, your an amazing person.
Sam, keep being you and know I’ll always be here for you.
To Sian & Kat for always knowing when things are getting too much for me and getting in tough, we started talking 10 years  ago and I’m so glad to call you both friends.
Martin, I’ve known you since I was like 10! You’ve always been a good friend and this year we’ve added new memories including the annual dinner and a scary drive home during a big storm, thank you for always being there.
To everyone else thank you for being part of 2018 I loves you  
Vicky xx