Evening  all,
To my fourth blog, it’s a look back at the goals I set myself at the end of 2017 for this year, I didn’t make many but I think realistic so here we go,
  1. Read more – I’ve definitely read more this passed year, I’ve returned myself to book worm status! Im defiantly going to carry on reading next year, I’ve found is enjoyable and calming.
  2. Travel to new places – again smashed it! With new cities & countries visited!
  3. Go back to studying – I’ve been improving my languages! 
  4. Trying new foods – unfortunately not!
  5. Get to 6 stone – I didn’t quite manage it unfortunately 
  6. Keep in touch with friends – even though the depressive stages I feel I made this work and kept in touch with the important people
  7. Blog more – I have done and I’m really proud I’ve managed to do my first blogmas in full yay!
  8. Embrace technology for disability  – I did it! My house is a good way to becoming fully smart!
  9. Try to save – I did manage to do this 
  10. Focus on me & my passions – I’m not sure I’ve really accomplished this to be honest.
Overall I’m pleased with the outcome of my goals! I’ll make some new ones tomorrow!
Vicky xx