I can’t believe I’m heading to my 34th birthday so I thought I should review my 33rd year on this earth, So here’s an insight in to my 33rd year which I’ve got to tell you, I was looking forward to as I don’t like odd numbers further more three’s!
My absolute favourite topic so I thoughts I’d start there.  My favourite trip was Madrid it was only a short break but it’s been on my bucket list for a long time and it absolutely lived up to my expectations! While in Madrid I also got to visit Real Madrid and it was the best experience I even cried at 33! 
My next trip wasn’t until later in the year and really involved two countries that being France & Switzerland! Although France was only the location of my hotel at the bottom of mount blanc! Switzerland was a great experience and nothing that I expected, it was genuinely hot and expensive! I visited two places Bern & Geneva. Geneva was so clean and the home of the UN. Going to the UN was a great experience and I can’t believe I waited til I was 33 to visit!
I then visited Italy a country I’ve wanted to visit for a while so another bucket list ticket off! I visited Turin & Milan. Italy didn’t really live up to my expectations but then neither are huge places for tourists! What can I say, the drivers are scary and it’s not the most accessible of countries! However I did manage to visit the San Siro which was a great experience especially having a basically personal guide it was a real insight.
My final travels of my 33rd year was Valencia! What a beautiful city, lucky that it was warm & dry until the day I left! Valencia was a city that seemed to have different vibes depending where you was, my only regret was not getting down to the beach! My favourite area of Valencia was the old town with beautiful art work work and little independent shops it was great to explore.
What a year it has been with two managers and some very disheartening football but all is well again with Ole in charge! I’ve had many good day trips following united in away days! Life at football is getting better thankfully, here’s to a strong finish to this season and a good start next season!
This passed year has probably been one of the best years for friendship for me. I know that’s a bold statement but I’ve felt quite content with friends this passed year.
I want to thank you each and everyone of you for your love & friendship you’ve helped me not just this year but the years gone passed when things wasn’t as good.
I have met many new people this year and I’m so glad to have met you you’ve enriched my life.
It hasn’t been a good year in terms of my health in any stretch of the imagination! However I am still here and fighting the fight! 
Final thoughts
My 33rd year has taught me a major lesson well a couple really. The first being that holding on to things doesn’t help and letting a few people in to a problem helps make the problem more manageable.
It’s also taught me a valuable lesson about friendship. A very wise women my mum who is sadly no longer with us once told me the importance of friendship, growing up I was a bookworm and if I’m honest not the most sociable! I still find it hard but with putting myself out there a bit, you know talking to people I finally understood what she meant about friendships.
I am so happy to say I have some of the best friends wether I see them in person or not I’ve made some great friends in my 33rd year and also enjoyed growing friendships too, it’s been a special year.
I won’t go and name those people coz you know you probably know them through the blog or just you know don’t have time to read a bunch of names! 
My only message would be to everyone let your fear go and make some friends it’s the best thing you’ll do.
Well that’s it for my 33rd year blog .. it’s been quite the year and I hope that I have helped people this year as much as I have had help from people.

Vicky xx