Morning  all,
Happy new year everyone! I hope 2019 treats you well, just be you and enjoy the year, create lots of memories!
This coming year I have a few goals I’d like to share with you!
  1. Carrying on reading ..I will be setting a reading goal!
  2. Do more cultural things … I.e theatre, museums, art galleries (very vicky )
  3. Travel .. I’d like to visit 1 new country In 2019!
  4. Adapt an in the depth approach .. finish the to be read list, buy less clothes!
  5. Self care .. this is important this year 
  6. Enjoy football again with less worry .. I have a great bunch of friends around me I need to trust them rather than worrying about “bully”
That’s my goals for 2019 simple yet important it doesn’t matter if I achieve them or not what matters is I try and I make new memories in 2019 and enjoy my great friends.
Vicky xx