Hey guys,
So today I decided to sit and think about next season as I’ve been going to matches for so Long I thought it would be interesting to shake it up a bit!
  1. Buy a program at a home game!
  2. Get Adam to an away match!
  3. Get a picture with Neil (we said we’d do this last season lol)
  4. Take a picture outside, every game I attend!
  5. Sit in the stretford end 
  6. Get to a Birmingham game
  7. Meet up pre match at pub with mates!
  8. Go to the grove! 
  9. Make a weekend of a home game!
  10. Travel to an away with a group of mates!
So that’s my 10 things.. I was going to do more but lets keep it realistic! So let’s put the reasoning behind them below!
  1. This was one of the easiest! It’s not something I do! So I thought this season id mix It up a bit & get a program for maybe the derby or last game of season!
  2. I’d said to Adam that next season he has to come an away match with me & Jamie!
  3. Haha I said this to Neil last season and even in the most of Paris we never got one so next season its happening! 
  4. As I don’t get paper tickets for home games often and go away a bit I thought it would be nice to get pictures for the blog to! I’m sure you’ll see a raring to go August pic by December a tired & drained Vicky!
  5. This one depends on the club and if they let me test the new platforms out, fingers crossed!
  6. I try and get down each season to catch up with my mates and it makes me feel close to my grandad!
  7. I don’t tend to go the pub pre match but it would be nice to catch up with friends pre match!
  8. The grove is a pub and Neil has said I should go & have a drink with him here, so it’s on my list!
  9. I’m thinking around Christmas time and match it with a visit to the Christmas markets, as I don’t get to enjoy the city I’m in & out of the of then quick!
  10. Well, id like to travel with a group of mates to an away game so that I can catch up with them and have a laugh as I’m often in different areas of the stadium!
Most of all though I just want to enjoy the season and make more memories.
Vicky xx