Hey guys!
Week 2 of off season!
Still reading ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus as I’m writing this I’m on chapter 4 and enjoying it so far, I’ve got to be honest I’ve not read as much as I’d hoped too with having a bit of a week!
This week I did manage to watch ”friends with benefits” which I really enjoyed and even managed not to full asleep, which is impressive this week in particular!
As for the living room renovation update! This week I’ve decided on the wallpaper its a light pink with rose gold symmetrical lines and the other walls will be painted in a light grey / off white type colour! 
I also booked a break to Oslo Monday to Thursday in July so I’m excited for that! I’ve ordered a guide book so I can have a good read lf that helping me plan the trip! More details will come as I read about Oslo & the accessibility of the city!
This week also saw two birthdays, my little brother & neil too happy birthday again both!
Now the not so good part of the week..
Firstly my dad keeps becoming unwell and no one really knows why, he’s going to see a doctor on Tuesday again.
My weird sleeping habits are back, I just can’t sleep for more than 2 hours at a time! Saying that at night I’m finding it really hard to even get to sleep, I’ll get there its just one of those phases I go through and likely linked to the depressive I’m currently experiencing.
Talking of depression its been a tough week with lots of tears and just low mood over all but booking Oslo defiantly helped picked me up for a bit!
My rheumatoid has been giving me some jip this week too especially in my feet & hands! 
Generally I have not been feeling great, I won’t go into much details but crushing headaches, weird heart rhythm. So I’ve had some heart tests & put on some antibiotics and we will see what happens.
The thing about my heart playing up it just makes me hurt emotionally as I really miss my mum. Mum understood my CHD like no other and was so reassuring when I got sick. The thing is being on my own without my mum & grandparents I often feel like no one gets it, I’m thankful I have friends by my side.
This week my friend Morag hasn’t been well either, sending you lots of love & hugs!
End on a brighter note, I spoke to morag we’ve been keeping an eye on each other this week! I spoke to Andy about Sunday and other stuff! I also caught up with Neil, Ben, Victoria and Claire.
I’ve also spoke to Lee a lot keeping him up to date with my health, lack of sleep and general life stuff, whos been very supportive this week.
Final word to Adam, he’s been a real support this week and I’m not sure how id have got through, even when he gave me a telling off for missing my antibiotics! Thanks for everything this week.
Until next Sunday
Vicky xx