Hey guys!
Week 3 of off season!
Still reading ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus as I’m writing this I’m on chapter 6 and enjoying it so far, I’ve got to be honest I’ve not read as much as I’d hoped too with having a bit of a week!
I have booked a little weekend away to york, which I’m looking forward to as I’ve never been and will be some much needed chill time!
I had planned todo my standard update on the week but in truth none of that seems important right now, you see my dad had a stroke.
It all unfolded on Saturday evening, it was the champions league final and I
We’d planned for him to come & watch it with me, not going to lie we was team spurs (gutted for Tottenham) but it got to like 10 to 8 and hadn’t arrived which was really weird, so I text my brother and he said weird. So I rang my dad and he was just shouting vicky vicky which I was like oh he can’t hear? So I hung up and told my brother he should maybe go down. I rang again this time he sounded really distressed.
My brother got to dads and found him on the floor shaking and rang an ambulance. They took him into the city to be looked after and it was confirmed he’d had a stroke .. WHAT! It was just so out the blue saying that he’s 77!
I went into survival mode In truth and my brother too we just get on with it! 
As all this was unfolding I had visitors to see if I was ok and that Ben had been out! Everyone loves the Jack Russell even if he’s a pain lol!
As I’m writhing this my dads on a ward and is being assessed he’s able to have a drink, so we will just take each day as it comes hopefully he will make a full recovery, because he won’t be happy if not, he’s always been active!
The thing is thought what stood out to me The most was the outpouring of love & support from my friends & people on social media who have followed my journey, it really was touching it brought tears to my eyes.
 I’d go In to specifics but I’ll end up crying and the lads will think I’m softer than they already do, but know you have made me the last 24 hours easier having you as my mates. Especially one person who literally stayed up talking to me all night you mean a lot to me.
Well I’ll end it there and hopefully next week will be more positive!
Until next Sunday
Vicky xx