Hey guys!
Week 12 of off season!
Well this week runs from Sunday until Thursday and why is that I hear you ask? Saturday  I’m off to football a pre season match! So you know Sunday will be a match day report .. the first of the season, yay!
But let’s go back a bit!
So I’m fully up to date with Jane The Virgin and honestly I’ve loved the whole series it’s on Netflix! Ive watched it all off season, it’s been ace to watch it all! 
This week well I mean in 2 days I’ve read the last of a 3 part book series by Louise Pentland called Wilde women, and I’ve loved the last book equally as I’ve loved the other two! I’ve loved reading about Robin Wilde’s journey through motherhood, love & friendship.
I almost forgot to say I got my first away tickets for Wolves it’s the day before my mums anniversary so I’ve mixed emotions about it but as it’s close enough to me I thought I’d see give it another go.
Talking of football, and the plans for blogs this season. I’m hoping todo a pre- blog my feelings about the match and then my standard match day blog! Mixing it up a bit this season! So look out for the new blogs starting next week!
I watched a couple of films this week to just old favourites & downloaded a new book called flatshare I’m on chapter 3 so far!
Finally it’s the start of the Ashes today so ill be watching that between going to the football! It’s also August 1st a month I particulatly don’t enjoy, let’s hope it’s a decent month!
Until next week
Vicky xx