Hey guys!
Week 1 of off season!
So this week has been quite quiet overall. 
I started my first summer read ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus as I’m writing this I’m on chapter 3 and enjoying it so far, it’s not a massive book so ill probably finish it by next week! 
I managed to watch a film, mumma mia, it was my first time watching it, got do be honest I fell asleep, I’ll have to rewatch it! Talking of that I’ve watched 3 series of mum on the TV!
I had a therapy session too, which was very helpful, I had some tears but I was laughing at the end!
I’ve been a depressive episode as well, so I’ve felt not up to much but I’m hoping it will pass.
I watched the WBA v Villa match on the TV it was a good match over all, gutted for WBA though as it’s my uncles team. I also watched the Leeds v Derby match which was a thrilling game, derby won and so its villa v derby at Wembley to see who will come up to the premier league. I also watched the cup final between city & Watford i just cant help but watch it, which saw city win and claim a domestic treble, but IMO they aren’t a great side as they’ve won nothing in Europe!
I’ve started planning my living room renovations, ill update you as we go on that each week! Well this week I’ve tested 3 paint colours and got sample wallpaper! I’ve also measured the curtains and made a list! 
I started back with my French conversation so that’s exciting and I’m looking for a Spanish one too, maybe I’ll look at Portuguese or German just the basics though!
Other than that I’ve had my biological dad get in touch, which is always difficult! I decided not to take his call because I’m just not in the right frame of mind for him at the moment.
This week i talked about my mum & shared her final picture before she died with a friend its the first time I’ve shared it with anyone it felt like a big step but one that felt right. I also talked about her final months and the infamous family party in the hospice when my family got drunk!
This week hasn’t been a good one with my rheumatoid I’ve had a lot of pain bringing me to tears a few time, my right side is the absolute worse. At times I’ve not been able to use my right arm at all, it’s really tough.
This week I’ve spoken to Morag i can’t wait to see her again come August, feels like ages! I spoke to Andy a bit. Me & Lee catch up at night as he’s In America handy as i can never sleep! I’ve mainly been catching up with Adam about just about everything & anything! I’ve kept up with Bens insta stories, always good to cheer me up! 
That’s it for this week! 
Until next Sunday
Vicky xx