Hey guys!
Week 4 of off season!
Still reading ”multi dates” by Kirsty McManus as I’m writing this I’m on chapter 8 and enjoying it still, I’ve taken a few moments hear & there this week to read in what’s been a tough week.
As I said last week I’m planning a trip to York! So this week I’ve been looking at places to get food! Although I doubt we’ll get much else dome bar eat, drink & enjoy the spa, it’ll be a great weekend and less than 2 weeks now!
I can’t believe Oslo is 50 days away to (I think!) I’ll have to get on with planning my trip after York.
I’m also planning a cheeky night out in Manchester (well it’ll be one pub only I feel) with one of the lads & I’m looking forward to that! Drinks, take away & a good laugh with one of my fav people!
Talking of Manchester & the lads it brings me to my Season ticket which I was surprised to receive this early, they are on it this off season! I’ve mixed feelings with the upcoming season, excited to be back up north with my mates but also sad that my mate Andy won’t be around as much, I’m going to miss him at OT! Saying that I’m looking forward to the European adventures again with my friends, although everyone will pretty much be in the Stretford end so I’m feeling a bit isolated about that too! 
That brings me to my dads! My step dad has been in hospital a week now. He’s recovering from the stroke last week he’s having an operation this coming week and then fingers crossed he can come home. Which brings me to my other dad, the biological dad who got In touch and wants me to go and see him over the summer, not sure about that, maybe I can take a mate boost my confidence and all! 
Which brings me to the last part for this week and that’s friendship. This week has been incredibly hard for me personally with many things going on and if I’m honest it’s nearly broken me emotionally, it’s made me feel so isolated & at times just vulnerable. They say you find who your friends are in tough times and I had some messages & saw people from school and that really touched me that even now we are there for each other. 
Big thanks to Martin & Helen who’ve helped me out a lot this week means a lot to me. Of course I can’t not thank Lucy & Laura for messages and making sure I’m alright. I’ve known Lucy since I was like 4!
Then Jamie I actually think I might have broken this week without his support taking care of things, even when I was in floods of tears On the phone!
Got to say a massive thanks to Steve & Accessi-blues who have been so supportive this week too, they don’t need to be but they are, football family you see it’s a special thing.
Twitter, wow the football family again, united fans the love, care & support you guys have shown me this week honestly you have brought me to actual tears, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
To my friends away from football thank you for checking on me, seeing I’m ok and just being there you guys have always been special to me.
Now here we go, get your tissues, no it won’t be that bad! I’ve a group of mates I refer to as the lads and you know who I’m talking about be it Lee, Ben, Andy, Neil or Adam these 5 lads are my absolute best mates at football and away from it too. This week has been incredibly tough and I think they are some of the only ones who have seen my vulnerability & emotional side, I often write about things but never really go into things I’m great details but these lads they know! I honestly can’t thank them enough. We may currently live miles away from Each other but this week has been proven it doesn’t matter they will be there no matter what. Love you guys.
Until next Sunday
Vicky xx