Hey guys!
Week 7 of off season!
First how has it been 7 weeks since football? It’s gone so fast and football seems so far away, not helping I’m dreading August but that’s a different matter totally.
So I’m guessing your wondering how York was? Well what I didn’t tell you all is that it was the first long journey id taken on the train on my own since my anxiety took over my life. It didn’t go too well! My train had no room for me so I was put on another train which was then late into Birmingham and I missed my connection which resulted in a full on anxiety attack at new street! Thankfully I got the next train but was 50 minutes late!
But considering that my journey went alright and I was happy enough bar a horrible passenger & a child pulling my hair, I was happy to reach York!
I stayed at the Marriott at York race course! It was a great hotel and ideal for me as I like being close but out the city/town to! Using the spa area which was equally as great just sat relaxing and enjoying feeling at ease, its been a long time since I felt so at ease with myself & my surroundings.
I went out into York for some food on Saturday and visited the Lucia Italian. I had to wait around 45 mins for a table. I was taken to a little coffee shop to wait and they brought a drink! It was a great place to eat! 
The thing is, if you’ve been reading my blog a while you will know that I’ve had a battle with food and while I’m York I had small breakthroughs well 2, firstly ordering food I mean I didn’t eat it but I ordered it and that was a step forward as it showed I wasn’t afraid to ask for things that I could manage. The second step was ice cream, I ate ice cream, actually had some and didn’t have an anxiety attack, which was just huge for me! 
Moving away from York now!
The UK is experiencing a heatwave and omg it is hot! The dog is suffering so I’m sat with my fan on & a cool drink to hand, the dogs also quite chilled out!
I’m looking forward to heading  to Manchester in a couple of weeks as I said In an early blog!
Most excitingly I’m heading down to London in 3 weeks and then its time for Oslo! Talking of Oslo that still needs sorting out my plans anyway!
My dad came to mine this week the first time since the stroke and I tell you my dog Ben was absolutely chuffed he didn’t leave him alone!
I’ve not got much else to say this week, but I will discuss more about emotions and stuff next week as I feel this has gone on quite long talking about my trip to York!
Until next week
Vicky xx