Hi guys!
So today was the final away of the 18/19 season and it’s had some top away games thanks to everyone who’s come & said hello to me at aways and who’s helped out!
My day started early with having medication & preparing for my trip to Huddersfield! Neil also messaged to get this 3-0 prediction in early! He was particularly chuffed as they dropped at the Grove on the way!
Before long I was ready to go and in the car! The SAT NAV was playing silly games and we ended up going a different way to what I expected! But never the less an enjoyable trip with some lovely scenery!
On my journey I had a chat to Ben who in seeing next week! Ben predicted 3-1 to united!
I was also chatting to Adam, about this & that! He told me his heart said 4-0 but his head said 2-0! 
I also predicted 2-0 and andy predicted a win!
As we came off the motorway and heading towards the town centre, Andy noticed a coach had pulled over, someone putting rubbish in the bin & I think relieving themselves! Anyway, I assumed they were united fans and looked and at that moment realised it was the monkey bus as I noticed Steve and then saw Neil, so I rang him and he actually answered, we had a brief chat and said see you later! I didn’t half laugh, we hardly ever catch up but the tines we do it’s pure fluke! Maybe next season!
We parked up and headed into the group, I was sat next to Chas! 
Scott scored for united and the game ended 1-1 it was generally a good away end one many were happy to just have a sing with there mates before summer! 
Half time I managed to catch up with Nigel before the summer which was nice to see him, we said goodbye & see you next season!
Before long it was back in the car, heading down the m1 and music was on singing a long and chatting to Adam!
That brings an end to my away day blogs, its been a great adventure some great times some great memories & some awesome mates!
Thanks to everyone again 
Vicky xx