Evening  all,
First things first, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! 
My day was quite if I’m honest so texts from friends & family cheered me up, including Andy, Neil, Dax and Ann Marie! I ended up falling asleep for half an hour, rock and roll eh! The good news however was it meant I was well rested for the match on Boxing Day. Although some drama was had my dad scolded himself and ended up at hospital, he’s got to go back tomorrow.
I would like to thank all for cards, gifts and messages sent it meant a lot to me as I find Christmas difficult.
Anyway enough of that .. let’s get on to Boxing Day! 
As ever due to my dads unknown hospital status and therefore if he could meet me changes were made! I went with Andy so my brother came down and helped me out then we met Andy at my dads. The journey it’s self was unexpectedly busy for Boxing Day! Although we did pass stoke city & Wigan fan coaches heading down to blues & Albion! 
As always a text was sent to Neil it’s become somewhat a tradition now to text on the journey up pre match! If we both reply we seem to win! I also had a chat to Ben on twitter! 
We got to Manchester and went into the megastore as Andy wanted to see if there was any thing in there for next year!
We meet Jamie & shay and went in. I meet Mef for the first time a fellow wheelchair user as well as seeing Andy & Ann Marie, although me and Andy are both fuming!
The roar for ole was fantastic and he, Mike & carrick all gave us a wave! We ended up winning 3-1 a nice way to see out Boxing Day.
We made our way back home, where I found out my dad has a bad infection in his hand but he can stay at home but has to go back every day for a month!!
Andy gave me a Christmas gift that made me cry, I’m a bit of a softie! Then he left to get back to Kent and I had my liquid food and painkillers.
Another day & Christmas period done .. 
Vicky xx