Hey guys,
So today was the day I renewed my season ticket for season 19/20 I’m a gluten for punishment! I’ll be honest with you I really was undecided it’s been a long tough season even for the best of us! 
However that’s not the point of this blog but something I wanted to tell you all!
This season you’ve read about the tough times & the good times too but I’ve been truly thankful for my mates this season .. yup it’s been an emotional day for me & this is gonna be an emotional blog .. sorry!
Firstly I’ve gotta give a shoutout to Jamie! He’s driven some miles this season with me! We’ve seen some wins and some losses .. said we wouldn’t do certain games and then did anyway! But most of all he’s been a good friend and listened to my moans and not woken me up when I dropped off to sleep during journeys, sometimes my fatigue gets the better of me! 
Andy & I have been going to matches together for a long time! He enables me to not only see European aways but also the sights and trust me we have seen a few, and as he said In Geneva I just never expected to be visited the UN while on a football trip, always random places to visit when travelling with me!
The girls, Ann Marie, Helen, Sophie & Morag! We have been friends a while now and although we havnt seen Morag this season, we can’t wait to see you next season. Ann Marie, Helen & Sophie have really helped me gain the strength to relax with them at HT I even went in the ability suit! I love our HT chats & I can’t wait for Morag to join in! 
Andy M, me & Andy have been friends for so long now and I love catching up with you, where ever games are! You’ve always had my back and I’m going to miss you next season.
Mef, we’ve laughed & cried together and absolutely had a good old moan together about Just about everything! Look forward to seeing more of you next season!
Dax, me & Dax always say hi and and wave and that little piece of friendliness really makes me feel better when I come on the platform, plus our chats are ace!
Nathanial! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you & seeing your prediction videos always lovely to chat to you!
And then we turn to the lads who aren’t on the platform!
Gary & Percy! Yeah I’m putting you two together sorry! They have both shown such kindness to me and always see I’m ok and see I’m home ok! I’m looking forward to an in-depth chat with Gary after Cardiff on a review of the season! You both also make me laugh!
Ben! My favourite plumber! We have laughed together over my darn radiator and trust me it’s been a palarva! You was the first person to come down and see me on the platform and that meant a lot to me! You make me laugh with your stories on instas and I know you’d always have my back! You are one of the good guys!
Neil, thank you seems so simple but you know I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You’ve given me strength to stay with united when I was going to give it in, with our text chats & predictions! Sharing Paris with u & others was bloody top I’m so glad we shared that memory! We share the best things .. away fan haters! I know your always behind me and that’s helped a lot your a good guy!
Adam, as I wrote that I almost broke into song! We crashed into each other via TRA a random message and we’ve been friends since, like we speak every day! Thank you for coming on to the platform even though you was drunk, you’ve made me laugh when I’ve been close to tears and your guilt tripping on renewing my season ticket was really degree level!! I’m already looking forward to an away day next season with you! 
Well there we go, I know the season isn’t over but it’s been an emotional day and I needed to write about the positive people at football .. until next season you absolute legends 
Vicky xx