It was finally my turn to visit my hospital in London as they still aren’t doing full capacity clinics.

It was an early start 5am! First off it was medication and get ready including packing the car. It was then off to Warrington and No More Kennels where Ole was staying for the night. Ole loves staying here as she gets to play all day and have a

Nice cozy bed in the evening!

We headed down to London via the m6 & m1 I had fallen asleep I was slightly confused not to be on the m40!

Driving into London we saw the Tower of London and St Paul’s from the car! It was strange I hadn’t seen it in so long it felt new & different yet familiar like an old friend! I have vowed to head back town to properly explore show Adam the tower as he’s never been!

The parking my it was a nightmare! I am trying to think of polite words! Honestly there was no disabled bays! We drove past ST Paula 4 times! In the end we found a spot by the barbican!

The hospital still mandatory masks. The lifts still a nightmare! The clinic it’s self was very quiet! By the time I’d checked in & used the toilet it was time to head to for my echocardiogram.

The echo went well I talked a lot it happens when I’m nervous! She was reassuring and sent me off for my ECG!

My ECG was done before I couple blink! My heart rate doing as per in the mid to late 90s and then I was sent off for blood pressure! That was a quick job!

Time to meet the new consultant. All stable he says I’m crying with a mix of relief and anxiety! See you in 18 months he says! I do have a badly leaking valve but the right side of my heart is doing ok so hence the 18 months until next visit.

Time to head off!

Car parking was £12 I’d been less than 2 hours!

We drove out of London hitting the rush hour we sat there for hours!

We headed to see my aunty & uncle how good it was to see them. We all chatted and watched the football. Then it was time to head to the hotel.

I always find it weird to stay in a hotel in my home town I do miss you.

The next morning I briefly Saw my step dad for about 10 minutes then headed north to collect olive.

Before we knew it we was home with olive both exhausted!

Vicky x