We must rewind the years to teenage Vicky! I had been transferred from Birmingham children’s hospital to queen Elizabeth in Birmingham and they said I was in need open heart surgery and I didn’t believe them I’d been assured I wouldn’t be transferred if I needed treatment and I believed them they’d been my doctors since I was a few days old!

So I asked for a second opinion and I was sent to London heart hospital. It was a pinnacle moment in my life I was seen my prof Deanfield & GUCH nurse Fiona I had found my team.

Fast forward to October 2022 we’ve had a global pandemic & a lot has changed. My team prof, Fiona & consultant Fiona have left, we’ve moved to a world class heart unit in London & I live in Manchester!

So it’s been 2.5 years since I last saw my team and checked everything was OK.

This week I’m heading to LONDON to see a new team who will be different it feels so strange to be heading south and knowing I won’t be greeted with my team the people I’ve trusted and felt like family for 20 years now it’s all new & new beginning.

It just won’t feel the same. I of course have the choice to move to hospital closer be it back to Birmingham or Liverpool heart unit but I do love my hospital the familiarity of it.

So this week is a big week and I’ll update you with what’s happened. I get to stay near London and that’ll be fun I’ve not seen it in so long! We will hopefully see my family before or after I’ve not seen them for about a year.

Sadly it does mean I’m going to miss football this week gutted.

Cardiac appointments are just part of life and come first here’s to London!

Vicky x