I’m no stranger to a Manchester derby. I was excited for the match and nervous. I left late they’re no surprise I am sure! Luckily we only live about 30 min from the etihad even in derby traffic!

After arriving they told us to park on the concret but it wasn’t instead stones not ideal in my wheelchair!

For the first time I was in l2 and I tell you now it was the worst experience ever.

We were directed straight in the home area, suddenly surrounded by city fans and a huge queue, hilariously a city fan said “I’ve never seen it like this” the home fans seemed fuming! You gotta laugh!

Security made us come out the queue while they let the home fans in, we missed kicked off!

Up in the lift, a fan pushed in front of me so I was really annoyed! Likely as I hadn’t slept much!

We eventually got in the lift and on to the legends level then out on the concourse and again city fans everywhere!

Taken to my seat and saw Jamie feels like I’ve not seen him & shay for ages.

I’ve not a lot to say about the match itself although as a football fan you’ve got to admire haarland.

Driving home seemed busy but it was good to get home and have a cuddle with ole, i do miss her when we don’t take her but sometimes we think it’s safer for her.

On a side note we meet some lovely Labrador police dogs one that looked just like ole!

Vicky x