Hey guys!
It’s my annual what I’m going todo during the off season! I also find off season difficult, it’s hard to explain why but here’s what I hope todo this off season!
Again I’m hoping to get some more books read during the summer, I hope to get at least 2 books read over the summer!  I’m especially looking forward to reading ”wilde women” by Louise pentland which is due out in July and if its anything like the other two i’ll read it really quickly! 
Yes I know I said off season no football but I’ve got two matches to attend this off season! Firstly the legends match on may 26th which in looking forward to and then I’m heading to Cardiff for the game v AC Milan which is the last pre season match in August!
I’ve been waiting til the off season to start getting a few jobs done in the house. That main one is redecorating the living room, it hasn’t been done for 7 years so it’s time to freshen up!
So this is something I enjoy doing and id like to finish the memory books i started of my travels & the season of course!
My blog
Well I’m looking at rebranding my blog and that will happen so just keep your eyes open!
I’m looking at doing a photo editing course and as always i like to brush up on my language skills!
I’m hoping to do some travel be it in the UK or abroad! I could do with some chill time & use my national trust membership!
Well that’s all, I doubt I’ll get everything done but mostly i want to relax and recharge though batteries ready to do it all again come August or maybe before with the Europa league!
Vicky xx