The Europa league is back at Old Trafford!

During the day I’d rested and got myself ready for the match as Olive my assistance dog was meant to be coming for her first home match.

However, sadly The late Queen Elizabeth passed away and we decided it wasn’t the right time after a minutes silence was announced.

After arriving at the stadium I was thankful the parking was better. Then went straight up saying hello to my favourite Stewart.

Grabbing my seat before long a complete & honourable silence was observed for a minute silence. You could have heard a pin drop.

The game felt a bit subdued I think many a heart wasn’t in it with the news earlier in the day.

United lost, we left at full time.

The traffic was awful getting out of old Trafford it took so long to get home it was frustrating!

We then had our next 2 home games postponed due to official mourning.

For me next up Is City away.

Vicky x