When we got Olive although we knew she’d be with us a lot of the time I knew at times she’d have to stay at kennels. I looked high & low for a good place got Olive we didn’t want to send her to a traditional style kennels as I’d seen other dog’s react badly & with her anxiety too.

What we love about

No more kennels is Olive can interact with other dogs as well as have people by her. She also gets her own room to relax in at night so she can sleep soundly! It helps Olive

Not get separation anxiety and helps us knowing she’s having a great time!

Ole loves the enrichment too with toys and slide & trampolines & sofas she can really play and have down time from being on duty for me too.

I also like that I can see olive on the cameras & pictures of her the next day easing my anxiety knowing she’s having a great time.

She can’t wait to visit again soon

Vicky x

*picture taken by no more kennels & this is just my love of the company