Back in 2007 I got Mel a black Labrador with the biggest heart. As I drove home she was sick &

Pooped in my car the sick on my gear stick, lucky I wasn’t driving my ex was!

Mel loved living in Hampshire with our long walks & daily cuddles! When we headed north to the midlands she took a great liking to my dad and kept refusing to come back with me!

She ended up staying with my step dad and I know she helped him after my mom died. She enjoyed dad giving her half his bag of crisps or a sausage from his breakfast!

When I left for Manchester it was hard saying bye to Mel I was going to miss her but she was in great hands.

Sadly at the ripe old age of 15 she has passed away.

Mel you helped many of us you gave us love and cuddles, you were so badly loved I’ll miss you so much.

Thank you for being the best dog.

Run free over the rainbow bridge

Vicky xx