Rewind to Christmas 2021 Adam was given Christmas gift of tickets to Jason manford at the AO in Manchester.

Finally October 22 the night came Adam was super excited and I was really nervous! The reason being going into a full indoor event the first since before Covid but we both enjoy Jason so I was ready to give it a go.

Now we are normally really early with Amazon deliveries, we needed to leave by 6pm the parcel arrived at 6.15pm! The stress and took the large delivery into the house and then we was away. We pre-booked our parking so that was a relief! We arrived with plenty of time!

Our seats were great! Jason was super he made me laugh more than I have in the last 18 months I forgot the pain and sadness for a few hours. I particularly loved the singing!

I’ll be honest pre show I was really anxious and I slowly relaxed. I’m so glad Jason was my first gig back he made me laugh & relax. It just felt normal & that was a nice feeling.

Thanks Jason for making us laugh and remind us to start living again after a difficult 18 months shielding.

Vicky x