Hey guys!
Week 9 of off season!
Firstly we have to say well done to England cricket winning the world cup! Champions! 
This weeks main news is me & Adam started dating officially well from his family & friends prospective!
I forgot to tell you all that I finished watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix and I just finished watching the latest episode too! Well did I even tell you is started? Ive watched 5 seasons during off season ha!
Nothing more really happened bar the fact i had to rearrange my appointment with the Dr because she was sick, but I’ll see her Wednesday!
I was due to go Manchester on Saturday but got changed to Friday in the end to see Adam! We ended up staying at hotel football. Before we go there though i managed my anxiety pretty well on the train up! I was glad however to get off and see Adam waiting on the platform! As i said we stayed in hotel football, although funny enough tool us a laugh trying to get the car park with the new road layout! It was however ace to see old Trafford after 9 weeks! We also had food, well Adam did at Cafe football!
Saturday came and a lost phone before midday, thankfully it was found! Adam also got to have his breakfast at spoons we arrived at 11.58! Then we went shopping I’m the Trafford Centre the main focus was a navy tie & new white shirt for Adam as we are off to Ascot! Thankfully we got both and headed to check In to our new hotel and headed out on date night to Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester! 
Saturday saw me instigate ice cream in a public place & i really enjoyed it & managed to keep hold of my anxieties!
Sunday came and i had to buy a new charger because i some how lost my plug! We then headed around Manchester for a bit before heading for date night 2! We headed to my favourite place in Manchester Rosso’s!
Now I’ll be honest i should have been paying more attention to Adam and talking but i found myself trying to load the world cup up! Adam ended up getting up on his home so i could whatch it! The great thing about it though was i ate mash potato, yes you read it right! I won’t lie it caused an anxiety attack but i drank lots of water and had some ice cream after! I was so close go tears after because it was a huge step for me but i did it and I’m so proud of my self!
Well that’s my week and the football season is fast approaching and I’m not sure how I feel about that right now!
Until next week
Vicky xx