Hey guys,
I wanted todo a little review of Paris today! What I really thought of the city I’ve dreamt of visiting since my school wouldn’t take me when I was younger due to my heart! The place that’s been no.1 bucket list location since that very day, a bit of a “you wait I’ll go without you” type attitude!
My expectations were high and I tell you the excitement leading up to this was right up there, the though of finally seeing all the things friends had & things I’d read about I even have Parisian art work!
Now I want to say this first, when I dreamt of Paris I was able bodied and not suffering chronic pain but now I move around on 4 wheels aka my wheelchair, which I think gives travel & a city a very different vibe!
So here goes!
Now I have to say traveling on euro star arrival at Gare Du Nord the Parisians were there with a ramp as soon as that train pulled in and I was away! However on leaving it took them an absolute age to get the ramp for me and it was cold on that platform, saying that the French were striking so… lol
Taxis personally I didn’t find any wheelchair adaptable vehicles which meant I was lifted in & out and I didn’t care overly as long as I got from A to B but i know it’s not good for all.
Metro, I asked the hotel receptionist if it was accessible and she gave a little giggle! I’m told it’s really not that accessible and if there is you can find the lifts out then who knows where you’ll end up! 
Buses, my hotel receptionist tells me they are decent overall, I did see one and it seemed ok, but traffic in Paris we took to walking or taxi! Saying that if you have longer I am sure it’s ok, I’d defiantly say look for the accessible sign on the bus though as it didn’t look like everyone was accessible!
Walking, yup lads & lasses we took to walking & rolling of course, seemingly the best way to get around Paris and also get your steps up, think my mate walked 10k steps a day maybe more! As for the wheelchair it coped ok but lots of cobbles, weird dropped curbs and cars parking on pavements … come on Paris lads!
The people
The Parisian people well, I met one absolute gem who couldn’t help me enough cheers Christelle aka the hotel receptionist! 
In general I found them a bit blunt and moody, especially the taxi drivers when I told them in French where the hotel was near, although much better drivers then the Italians! They certainly didn’t come rushing to help a poor English girl that’s for sure! 
I found Paris wasn’t the most cleanest city I’ve visited! It didn’t have a good vibe around the city, it felt like it was holding on to angry vibes instead of say Madrid which was like a city of hugs! 
Now if you like some beautiful architecture get your self to Paris and charge that camera up! There are some wonderful shots to be taken around Paris and trust me if your on foot you’ll find many most tourists won’t! I particularly enjoyed the old lampposts! The buildings were grand and so was the bridges! Positive vibes on the architecture Parisians!
The Eiffel Tower
Better known as Tower Eiffel to our Parisian cousins! Top tip here don’t insult the tower what ever you do! I’d dreamt of this tower I’d seen it from the air a few times, I longed to get by the tower .. lads it ain’t all it’s made up to be! Appreciate from a far, it’s a bit like Blackpool tower but smaller and dirtier, it’s very instagramable though! I took a selfie with the tower for the memories, as did many other reds! I didn’t pay to go up it or under it because In my opinion it just wasn’t worth it, sorry tower lovers! However got a cracking picture round the back between buildings, up the architecture!
The Louvre 
The art gallery of wheelchair nightmares .. but who doesn’t love a picture of the pyramid in Paris! It’s free entry for wheelchair users and there pal! I jumped the queue yes lads! It’s a big maze of lifts and levels it actually gave me a headache! However it does hold the Mona Lisa, it was great to see it and jumping them queues again, got right to the front  no one in my picture people! However it’s well smaller then I expected and why does it need a whole room to its self!
Fashion district
I stumbled well rolled into the fashion district and let me tell you the shop frontage and displays were on point and I appreciated that kind of thing! It was ace to see those shop window displays proper loving that!
Trendy Paris district
I’ve actually no idea if that’s the name ha! However it was strange in a good way, it was full of young Parisians with a mix standard and boutique shops and eateries it had a very cool vibe though, I felt right out of place!
Notre Dame
When I pulled up outside I was like oh, it’s smaller than I expected but the outside detailing on the doors for example amazing. Inside beautiful who doesn’t love a ceiling like that? It’s definitely worth the visit sadly no going on the roof for wheelies like me!
So Paris, don’t get me wrong your a beautiful city but a city just not for a 30 something girl who’s held you in her heart for many years! I do love France though I’m more of a southern French loving girl!

Vicky xx