Hey guys,
So today is the introduction of a new series about Barcelona! 
After a dramatic win in Paris, let’s face it none of us really expected us to win! We drew Barcelona in the next round! 
Now on a personal level I’m so excited to be visiting Barcelona, as I’ve never been before! My travel bucket list has included Barcelona but I’ve never had the chance to visit or a reason to! The added bonus of going to the Nou Camp another stadium of my must see stadiums!
The good news is I’ve heard it’s quite accessible over all which is good for me, people say it’s one of the best I’ll have to let you know my thoughts when I return from Spain in April!
As with Paris I’ll certainly go through travel, sightseeing, transport, access and language and of course a review when I’m home!
Ticket pricing
I’ve pretty much been around all European games this season including young boys, Juventus, Valencia and PSG and it brought varying costs bare in mind I’m a disabled football fan and therefore it can be challenging at grounds with many an adventure had this season. However I’m really quite disgusted that Barcelona were charging £102 for a ticket although man Utd have got the ticket price down to £75 it’s still the most I’ve paid in Europe this season, I wouldn’t mind but I’m in the home end and so won’t be with my friends and fellow supporters, so it’ll be a bit strange and who knows who I’ll have next to me! 
I really think UEFA need to look at ticket pricing within there European competitions it should be fair and maybe a cap to prevent clubs charging what ever they wish to.
Anyway I’ll be back with another Barcelona blog soon

Vicky xx