Hey guys,
I have to be honest with you all. I’m struggling right now. My depression is kicking in quite badly and if I’m not asleep I’m randomly crying this is sadly my reality, the reality of chronic depression.
I’ve had depression my whole adult life, many wouldn’t know because I’ve had it that long I can hide it, I think people would say I’m a functioning depressant because you wouldn’t know!
When I say it’s kicking in, I’m basically just sleeping or crying but I guess people wouldn’t know but I decided to write this because I want to let anyone know who’s suffering right now that it’s ok to not be ok.
You might not want to talk and that’s ok but remember we all have someone we can talk to be it a medical professional, family, friend or crisis number, reach out. Tonight I’m surrounding myself with friends online and looking at pictures of happy times plus cranking up that music!
Be good to yourself when you feel like this, self care is good for you. Surround yourself with good memories and things that help try to settle your brain.
Look after yourself & your friends 

Vicky xx