Welcome back!
I thought I’d try something a bit different a series of blog posts on my preparation for my upcoming trip to Paris in March, in just 7 weeks so I thought I’d go through my planning with you each week, this week is just an introduction!
So first thing is first ..
Why am I Visiting Paris?
I’m going for football, we play PSG!
When are you going?
March 2019 
How long are you going for?
3 days!
Do you have any plans bar football?
Hoping to fit In a couple of days sightseeing & football on the Wednesday evening!
So the first thing i always do is buy a guidebook and yeah I know but it’s a great source of information and usefully comes with a map of the city, what more do you want! I’m a huge fan of Lonely planet pocket guides as it’s small enough to pop In my bag and not at all heavy plus it’s less than £6 and you can always keep it, you never know when you might go back! I also look at disability blogs to cross reference things!
Paris is a new city to me In some senses although I have been to euro Disney and who doesn’t love that place?!  I’ve had a little walk in the city but not near any sights! Now I’ve both flown into via Charles De Gaulle airport & Eurostar both are great really!
What do I hope to see ?
Other than a Man Utd victory? I’d really like to see the Eiffel tower it’s been on my bucket list for a while, although I have seen it out a plane window! I’d also like to head to the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa and I’ve read there’s a wheelchair spot right up close, so I’ll hopefully make that happen!
What to expect in this series
  • Travel to Paris 
  • Hotel research
  • Travel in Paris
  • Sights 
  • Language & useful phrases
  • Pack with me
  • Itinerary (rough)
Finally I will blog my trip and hopefully show u a wish v reality with living with chronic illness & wheelchair in a city!
Until next Thursday  

Vicky xx