We had a slow start with breakfast in bed. although Adam was horrified when given haggis!

We then got ready for a day at the spa. I had a tankini on! We headed down to the pool. We had Togo outside and walk /roll around the hotel , you guessed it the rain started!

We booked into the spa and then we ready and headed into the pool. Adam was enjoying swimming and the steam & sauna. While I relaxed with my I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelp. We booked our taxi for the evening! We also pre booked our theatre treats & program, technology eh!

We then headed back to the room after a few hours we got dressed and headed to the bar for drinks & food! In adams word “it doesn’t look great but it tastes good” then we headed by to the room to get ready for the theatre!

Once ready we headed down for the  taxi.

I’ll leave it there for today as I want to dedicate a blog to the theatre talking about the show, access and what happened after!

Vicky xx