We went down to reception for our taxi at 6.30pm which we had pre booked and it never turned up! So just before 7pm we had to walk / roll! We walked along the main road thankfully we hailed a cab before we’d have to go up a steep hill.

We got to the theatre royal and we were welcomed in. We brought a badge set. Next stop toilets. It was an average size but tight for me to transfer.

We headed down to our seat a lady showed us to our seat as we’d never been before. It was quite steep to my seat and a slight angle I’m sure two of my wheels went off the floor!

After sitting down and pressing the button a lady appeared with drinks for us, that we’d pre ordered!

My view was really good the only down side was people knocking me as they went past me, who know people couldn’t see a human

The show was hilarious, we saw the Book of Mormon! I really enjoyed it and it was a welcome laugh!

We had extra drinks arrive at the break as we’d pre booked. It saved the hassle of the queues and wheelchair!

At the end we headed to the reception area where we got coats back on. Then the real adventure started!

We left the theatre and hoped the taxi would be there! How wrong we was! We had to walk down no taxis there was loads earlier! We kept walking as we were told at the end of the street. There simply wasn’t any taxis and none could be booked! Which meant a 2 mile walk back to the Marriott! I wouldn’t mind   but it wasn’t a flat walk it was huge hills! Adam had to walk backwards because of how steep the hills were! After a 2 mile walk, google maps and a fear tears in fear we made it back!

Back in the hotel we grabbed a cold drink and Adam got some food! I read my book for a while to relax after the experience and it was time for bed!

Vicky xx