Getting up to the sun rising over Glasgow was lovely. First stop was breakfast at the hotel. Then back to our room and a check that it was fully packed up.

Before I knew it we was in the car heading away from the hotel, I was sad but looking forward to seeing olive!

The weather at first was fine but as we drove towards the boarders the weather changed and it became horrible.

We stopped firstly at a cute farm service station as we wanted a magnet sadly they didn’t have any but Adam found some Christmas tree decorations in a tartan pattern to remind us of our Scotland trip!

We planned to stop at Gretna green shopping outlet but the weather was again awful! So we’ll have to go next time! However adam ran into the blacksmith shop and got us a Scottish magnet! We collect them of places we visit!

Before we knew it we was back in England! We then stopped at my favourite northern service station. Tebay service station. We just relaxed watched the little waterfall. We looked in the gift shop to!

Then it was the final stretch home! We arrived home and the house felt empty but we had cuddles with the cats! It was time  for bed before I knew it and  closer to collecting Olive tomorrow!

Vicky xx