Sunday just gone saw the Chelsea v united match. I was meant to be attending but due to coming down with a chest infection was advised sitting in the cold wasn’t the best idea.
So I stayed home watched the game with Ben and turned my lights down to a low read light in support of my team.
I won’t go into details but united lost 1-0 due to a goal from Morata, who I’m glad we didn’t sign did you see how much he went down?
After the match I went on social media. I couldn’t believe the over reaction, Jose out .. WHAT? People do realise we’ve been without key players, hurray Fellini is back now! People realise that united are SECOND on goal difference right? That our home record is good, in comparison to the moyes/ LVG era. I sat through a lot of games during that time, in fact at one point I spent more time with Andy my PA than I did at home, true story!
United are not playing brilliant football but they are not awful, we are still picking up points we are still second.
Have some faith in Jose reds and stop over reacting!!

Vicky xx