I love to read, you may not know that about me! My favourite author is John Grisham and I’ve read nearly all of his books, in fact I think I’ve got a whole shelf of his books plus hard back books! Other than that I like chick literature and young adult and on occasion a bit of romance! 
I love the feel and smell of a new book (I’m that girl smelling the new book!) and acquired quite a few books over the years, I mean what book warm hasn’t? I literally have a five shelf bookcase in my hallway, which would be fine if I then didn’t have piles of books around the bungalow, must look at better book storage for the future! 
I then have my kindle, kindle app on my iPad too because of my disability sometimes holding a book is just not possible so I’ll resort to my kindle which I have 24 books on .. some read some started some waiting! Oh then I have my iBooks app a girls got to keep her book choices open! 
Current reads:
Book – Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon 
Kindle app – Wilde like me by Louise Pentland
iBooks – It only happens in the movies by Holly Bourne
It’s true I have three on the go which is low for me, but when depression hits I tend to be unable to focus as much so reading takes longer and I swap around depending on my mood. Reading has always been an escapism for me since I was little, I don’t remember not enjoying reading, I’d rather a book than a sweet when I was younger! 
Vicky xx